Cool Bracelets to Make: DIY Leather Bracelet

twoEver been interested in how to make a cool bracelet?

Then you are definitely in for a treat today!

We’re walking you through a DIY bracelet, ala a leather cuff, that you are sure to LOVE!

DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet

Remember how I told you my mom is an artist? Well, so is her sister, my aunt ( For one of the interior spaces she designed, she used thrift store leather belts to create the seat for a stool.

homemade stool
Awesome, right? Unfortunately I don’t have a tutorial for that one, but I do have something else for you.

how to make a cool bracelet

DIY Bracelet

Those belts all had remaining bits of leather and buckles…waste not want not! We’re still saving the buckles, but for today’s project we’ll be using the belt ends. Besides the belt ends, you’ll also be needing a leather punch (my punch is not made for leather. It came in a scrapbooking kit, but works just fine for this), scissors, hammer, snaps, and the snap attacher (this may or may not be included with the snaps you buy).

A word about the snaps: pay attention to how thick your leather is. You want to make sure the halves of the snap will be able to make plenty of contact through the leather. Word on the street is some craft stores carry LONG snaps. If your local craft store does, buy those ones. You’ll be able to use them no matter the thickness. Mine, however, did not. I had to make a trip back for different snaps.

diy bracelet

First you’ll have to measure your wrist. You can do this a few different ways. You can just measure your wrist with a measuring tape (Ikea has those paper ones that are perfect for stashing away!), you can measure a cuff you already own, or you can wrap a strip of paper around your wrist, marking where it overlaps. Add about 1 ½ in. to your measurement, depending on how tightly you want your cuff to fit.

Cut your belt to size with your scissors and get ready to punch some holes! Put one hole on either end of the belt. You might even be able to use a hole that came with the belt.

Then it’s time to attach the snaps. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the back of the packaging. When you think the snap is attached, give it another good swing of the hammer, just to make sure. Do the other half of the snap and…

diy bracelet
You’re ready to wear it!

diy bracelet
diy leather bracelet
diy bracelet

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